Mike Buchanan – change of conference speech title

I’ve started working on my speech for the conference, now a little more than four weeks away. I’ve changed my speech title to the following:

Life will get worse for men, women, and children, until feminism as a political force is destroyed

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New scheme for conference tickets – up to three people can share a single ticket

We won’t be selling tickets at the door at the conference, but we still have a few tickets left, and we’re introducing a new scheme aimed at maximising attendee numbers (up to the maximum permitted in the venue). We don’t anticipate tickets will remain available for long.

Existing and new ticket holders can make use of individual tickets, with up to three people attending on different days. At the maximum, therefore, one £265 ticket can fund three people, one on each day. Or two people, one attending for one day, the other for two days. If you’d like to take advantage of this scheme, please let us know ([email protected]) the days you’d like to “surrender” (i.e. not attend, yourself) and give us the name(s) and email address(es) of the other person(s). Thanks.

In case it helps with your decision making, the latest conference timetable is here.

You can book your ticket(s) here.

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Paul Elam’s new conference talk title

Paul Elam has changed the title of his conference talk – which will be delivered by video, because health problems mean he cannot travel to the conference – to the following:

Gender Insanity: Why men and women should be ashamed of themselves.

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The 2019 conference will not be held in the UK

In response to a number of people enquiring where ICMI19 will be held, I’ve told them that no decision has been taken, but it will not be held in the UK. While the conferences are very important events in the MRM diary, they’re also demanding in terms of time and resources, and in eight weeks’ time we shall have hosted two of the four in the series. It’s time for others to step up to the plate.

It could be many years before ICMI returns to the UK. Indeed, it may never return, so your last chance of meeting legends such as Karen Straughan and Professor Janice Fiamengo and Steven Svoboda and Anil Kumar in the UK could be the July conference. If you’ve been wavering about whether or not to buy a ticket, I urge you to do so now – here.

Some time after the July conference, I shall start the process of seeking and evaluating bids to host ICMI19, in association with Paul Elam.

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Conference videos – 6oodfella

For the first time at an ICMI, we plan to screen a series of humorous videos during the lunch breaks at the July conference, just seven weeks away. We’ve decided to include three short pieces from 6oodfella, a talented Glaswegian vlogger – If the moon landing happened in the current year (2:00), Nottingham women be like… (0:27), A hangout with feminists (8:06).

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New J4MB shirts available – “This is what a Gender Equality Activist looks like”

We’ve just added new shirt designs to the online J4MB shirt store bearing the text “This is what a Gender Equality Activist looks like”.

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Karen Straughan to give the keynote speech at the conference

Paul Elam was scheduled to give the keynote speech at the conference. However, as he is unable to attend on health grounds, we decided – with his agreement – to have someone else give it. I’m delighted to report that Karen Straughan has accepted our invitation. Her talk title will be, “Why women must consign feminism to the dustbin of history”.

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