The host

160413 MB_RGB_0024Mike Buchanan Party leader, Justice for Men & Boys (J4MB) – “Equal rights for men and women”

Mike is a British anti-feminist author, Men’s Rights Activist, and Gender Equality Activist. His latest book is Feminism: The Ugly Truth. Launched in 2013, J4MB remains the only party in the English-speaking world campaigning for the human rights of men and boys. In 2012 he launched Campaign for Merit in Business.

The keynote speaker

Karen StraughanKaren Straughan – “Why women must consign feminism to the dustbin of history”

Karen (GirlWritesWhat) is a Canadian anti-feminist who has been writing and video blogging on gender issues since 2010. Her widely-admired videos have raised the consciousness about gender issues and feminism of huge numbers of people.

Other speakers, in surname alphabetical order:

180410 V2 Eric Anderson Professor Eric Anderson – “A non-feminist approach to Masculinities”

Eric, an American living and working in the UK, is the UK’s most prolific and most-cited Masculinities scholar. He will describe his feminist training by Michael Messner and Michael Kimmel and his rejection of their feminist ideology. He will suggest that Men’s Rights Advocates are having a positive impact, even within the feminist gender studies community.

William CollinsWilliam Collins – “Men and boys in the UK: Edited lowlights”

William blogs on The Illustrated Empathy Gap. He is a professional engineer and theoretical physicist. He has recently discovered that ‘retired’ means ‘differently employed’. He has been married since forever and has two 30-plus sons. He used to have no interest in politics but has reluctantly accepted that there are times when apathy is morally unacceptable.

180404 Darren Deojee #2Darren Deojee – “Positive Masculinity: Standing on the shoulders of giants”

Darren is an international teacher, speaker, activist, mentor/coach, father, and home educator of four children. He’s been teaching from the Toltec heritage of gender tradition for over 10 years and working with native gender for over 20 years. He works with groups, individuals, and couples on matters of gender and communication.

Paul_ElamPaul Elam Founder and publisher, A Voice for Men – “The Men’s Movement: Personal and Political” (pre-recorded video)

Paul is an American, and possibly the most well-known Men’s Rights Activist in the world. A former mental health professional, he launched A Voice for Men (AVfM) in 2009, and An Ear for Men (AEfM) in 2015. AVfM has long been the most-visited and most influential website in the world advocating for men’s human rights.

Photographs by Ed ThompsonJanice Fiamengo Professor, Department of English, Ottawa University – “The demonization of young men: Campus sexual misconduct tribunals”

Janice is a strident Canadian supporter of free speech, and an advocate for gender fairness. She is producing a series of anti-feminist videos called The Fiamengo File. One was titled, Why I am an anti-feminist.

Rev. Jules Gomes, ‘The Rebel Priest’ – “Singing in the ruins: How feminists have destroyed the Church of England beyond repair”

Dr Jules Gomes is a journalist and academic. He writes for The Conservative Woman and is the religious affairs correspondent for Virtue Online. He became conscious of the feminist cancer in the Church of England when feminists began to hijack synod. Jules has a doctorate from Cambridge University and has taught at universities in India and England.

Patrick Graham – “Sex offence fantasists, and their police enablers”

A survivor of the ongoing plague of false allegations of rape/historic sex abuse, Patrick is busy campaigning for changes to the criminal justice system, and justice for all the many falsely accused, using skills developed during a media and community development portfolio career. He is member of FACT and accused.me.uk, a forum which has doubled in size to 1,500 members in the past 9 months.

180704 Elizabeth Hobson web imageElizabeth Hobson, Director of Communications, Justice for Men & Boys – “Activating the Non-Feminist Sector”

Elizabeth is an anti-feminist gender equality activist, mother to two boys, and a student of History and Politics. Her guiding principles are liberty, justice and equality — of rights, opportunities, choices, treatment and respect.

180330 Oliver Hoffmann Oliver Hoffmann – “Postfeminism and what I have learned from running a men’s rights party”

Oliver is an Austrian Liberal Men’s Rights Activist. In 2008, he founded the Männerpartei (an Austrian political party) and in 2017, he founded Liberale Männer (an Austrian non-profit association). Both are promoting equal rights for men, in different ways.

180322 V2 Jordan HolbrookJordan Holbrook – “The prison sentencing gender gap”

Jordan is a British Men’s Rights Advocate, independent researcher and blogger. He can be found at The Backbencher, The Screen and on YouTube. His key areas of research and interest are the human gender empathy gap, the importance of the family home, the emotional needs of men, and father’s rights.

Dr Jeffrey Ketland – “A feminist witch hunt at Oxford University”

Jeff is a professional logician, mathematician and academic philosopher. He was the victim of a female Borderline Personality Disordered stalker for over two years. He was then the victim of a feminist vigilante lynch mob campaign of false accusations, running him out of his job at Oxford and driving him and his family out of their home. He was reinstated after proving the allegations false.

Anil_Pic11Anil Kumar – Save Indian Family Foundation – “Focusing on Innovation for Growth of Organizations for the Movement: Experiences in India”

Growing an organization is a major challenge. This talk will address how to overcome challenges to growth and how communications technology impacts the movement and the organizations.

170911 Nick LangfordNick Langford – “An exercise in utter futility: Generation iPhone and the ‘Democratisation’ of the Family”

Nick is an author and has worked as a lighting technician and designer in theatre and television. He currently teaches. He began researching the issues confronting men and boys on behalf of F4J which he joined while pursuing a contact application. His interest outlasted his membership, he now blogs at exinjuria.wordpress.com.

170911 Ian McNichollIan McNicholl – “My journey from victim to survivor”

Between September 2006 and May 2008 Ian migrated from being a picture of health, a home owner, a successful businessman who was financially comfortable, to a permanently scarred, registered disabled, homeless benefits claimant, on the verge of bankruptcy. Domestic abuse was the sole cause of this transformation.

180423 Ramon SosaRamon Sosa, American boxing coach – “My wife thought she’d hired a hitman to kill me for $12,000”

Ramon’s life changed forever in 2015. A simple divorce turned into a murder-for-hire plot. With the benefit of hindsight, he says there were warning signs he missed. He takes every opportunity to warn other men about partner murder by proxy – helping them identify the early signs of manipulation, false accusations, and greed.

J. Steven Svoboda, Executive Director, Attorneys for the Rights of the Child – “Genital autonomy, gender equity, and the world”

Steven presented to the United Nations on male circumcision. He’s the National Coalition for Men’s (NCFM’s) Public Relations Director and longest serving board member. He graduated with honours from Harvard Law School and has published 40 peer-reviewed articles. His interview with Cassie Jaye for Red Pill/Raw Files is here.

Alison Tieman – “How compassion for men shapes civilization”

Alison is a Canadian Men’s Rights Advocate. She founded Honey Badger Radio in 2013, as a podcast focusing on women bringing attention to men’s issues. Honey Badger Radio has since grown into the largest collaborative YouTube channel talking about gender and politics from a position inclusive of men’s issues.

A number of individuals who are well-known to people in the Men’s Rights Movement / Gender Equality Movement, some of them particularly in the UK, will be attending the conference, but not giving presentations. They include, in surname alphabetical order: